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Get in touch with an Account Manager for best pricing/current availability! | 866-303-9408

Polwater SqueekyKleen Telcom Cleaner with Flip Top - 1 Quart

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SqueekyKleen cleans and fans fiber in two wipes without alcohol, saving time and money. Hear the difference! No follow-up with alcohol required to get fibers squeaky clean and separated when prepping for splicing. SqueekyKleen is less harsh on hands and reduces chemical odors and vapor concentrations to a minimum in splice trailers and vaults. SqueekyKleen's unique formulation and specially designed high-performance towelette work to remove pik from the entire surface of loose-tube or ribbon fibers, leaving no residue. SqueekyKleen helps keep splice equipment clean of contamination for better fiber alignment and splice quality. Safe on acrylate and Mylar.

  • Cleans fiber in two wipes
  • No alcohol follow-up required
  • Less harsh on hands
  • Reduces chemical odors and harmful vapor
  • Leaves no residue
  • Won't harm acrylate or Mylar
  • 1 quart bottle with flip-top