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Get in touch with an Account Manager for best pricing/current availability! | 866-303-9408

Passive Optical Network Power Meter for BPON/EPON/GPON

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  • Designed to perform live testing with OLT equipment, this PON Power Meter is perfect for use during FTTx/PON service tune-up or maintenance. It is able to simultaneously test and measure the signal power of voice, data, and video connections, and is essential for the construction and maintenance of PON systems. This Power Meter also features the following:
    • Includes carrying case, instruction manual, and FC and SC adapters to directly connect to UPC/PC FC and SC fiber connectors
    • Analyzes voice, data, and video signals in BPON/EPON/GPON FTTx systems
    • Concurrently measures 1310 nm Upstream Burst Signals and 1490/1550 nm Downstream Signal Measurements anywhere in the network
    • Three pass, warning, and fail LED indicators to allow you to quickly assess your network's power level
    • Supports 1310 nm Upstream Burst Signal and 1490/1550 nm Downstream Signal Measurements
    • USB port allows quick transfer of data, and up to 1,000 measurement items can be saved at once
    • Optional 10 minute auto-off can be activated or deactivated
    • Shatter-resistant sleeve protects it from accidental falls or other damage
    • Included software allows you to set the thresholds, transfer data, and calibrate the wavelength from your PC
    • Click here for the Software Download