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Get in touch with an Account Manager for best pricing/current availability! | 866-303-9408

LYNX3000 One-Step Premium Cleaver with Auto-Rotating blade

Original price $770.95 - Original price $770.95
Original price
$770.95 - $770.95
Current price $770.95
The Lynx family of cleavers is high precision at a low cost, suitable for any job. Compact and ergonomic, precise and durable, the Lynx family is perfect for all cleaving applications from Splice on Connectors to an emergency fiber restoration. The standard LYNX cleaves 250um and 900um fibers with a 3-step process that will fulfill any cleaving requirement. The Deluxe LYNX2000 keeps the same performance and quality, but uses an efficient 1-step process to achieve. And the newest addition to the LYNX family is the Premium LYNX3000: it keeps all the benefits of the LYNX family with the premium 1-step cleave process but also introduces an auto-rotating cleaver blade for maximum blade life and minimal technician maintenance.
  • Compact, Ergonomic Design
  • High Precision Cleaves with 0.5 degree variance
  • Cleaves 250um Coated or 900um Buffered fiber
  • Field serviceable cleaver blade
  • Fiber Disposal Bin Included