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Get in touch with an Account Manager for best pricing/current availability! | 866-303-9408

FOSC™450 D6 Fiber Splice Closure, 6 Cable Attachments, 6 Ground feedthrough lugs

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SKU FOSC450-D6-6-NT-0-D6V
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  • Single-ended, O-ring sealed dome closure for splicing feeder and distribution cables
  • Gel cable sealing technology allows easy adding or removing of a wide size range of cables
  • Compatible with most common cable types: e.g. loose tube, central core, ribbon fiber
  • FOSC splice trays hinged for access to any splice without disturbing other trays
  • Closure can be used in aerial, pedestal and underground (up to 5 meters) environments
  • Compatible with CommScope's CWDM modules and optical splitter trays
  • W/ Test Valve
  • No Pre-Installed Fiber Tray


Cable Entry Drop Port Style Round
Cable Entry Main Port Style Round
Cable Ports, quantity 6
Cable Sealing Type Compressed gel
Closure Sealing Type Dome-to-base clamp with O-ring
Closure Style Single-ended
Color Black
Fiber Storage Basket Type D6 standard size
Ground Feed-through Lugs, quantity 6
Mounting Pole | Strand | Wall
Network Area Type Feeder
Splice Tray Included, quantity 0
Splicing Capacity, Mass Fusion, maximum 1152
Splicing Capacity, Single Fusion, maximum 576
Splicing Capacity, Single Splice, 12 fibers, maximum 576
Splicing Capacity, Single Splice, 6 fibers, maximum 288
Splicing Type, Supported Mass fusion | Single fusion