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Flexible Piano Wire (8 Pieces, 3" Long)

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SKU F18265

Our Fiber Optic Piano Wire provides you with an easy way to save a fiber optic connector when an optical fiber breaks inside the ferrule during connectorization. Fiber Optic Piano Wire also enables you to remove broken optical fiber from bare fiber adapters. You can also use the 0.004:" (102um) diameter wire in the fiber optic connectorization process to apply fiber optic epoxy to protruding fiber at the connector ferrule. Sticky colored tabs are included, providing you with an easy way to hold the thin wire during use. Fiber Optic Piano Wire is sold in containers with eight pieces of 3" piano wire per container.

Also see our other fiber optic tools and supplies for fiber optic splicing and termination. These include fiber optic cleavers, fusion splicers and mechanical splices. Cable preparation supplies include fiber optic stripping tools, alcohol wipes, Kim Wipes, icky pic removers, solvents, and more.

  • An excellent tool to remove broken fibers
  • Sticky colored tabs provided to hold wire
  • 8 Wires & 10 Dots
  • Pieces are 3" long