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Crimp Tool W- Die RFA-4005-02 In Cardboard Box

by TCom1
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SKU rf-industries
Brand: RF Industries

The crimp jaws hold the interchangeable crimp die sets in place and when the handles of the tool are squeezed the dies are clamped together. The dies are secured into the jaws by two screws. The screws may be easily removed with either a straight or cross-point screwdriver. A release trigger is provided to release the internal ratchet in case the tool cannot be completely compressed. After much use the tool may require readjustment of its jaws. This is done with the jaws fully opened by first removing the set screw. Then adjust the compression adjustment wheel counter-clockwise (to the +) in 1-indent steps or until proper adjustment is obtained. Then replace the set screw. The tool should be set so that when fully compressed the dies clamp firmly together.