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Get in touch with an Account Manager for best pricing/current availability! | 866-303-9408

Mid Span Slit & Ring Tools for RocketRibbon® Cable (11.6 mm-22.6 mm)

Original price $74.50 - Original price $198.50
Original price
$74.50 - $198.50
Current price $76.90
Function: Slit
Diameter: 1.2mm - 3.3mm


The PATENTED MS-836 Mid Span Slit & Ring Tool is designed to provide easy access to optical ribbon fibers in Corning's RocketRibbon® cable. Building on the popularity of the Jonard Tools MS-6 and MS-26 Fiber Optic Mid Span Slitting Tools, we have incorporated a ring feature in the tool to make it even more versatile.

Blades last for 5,000 slits or rings

Groove Sizes: 11.6 mm-12.0 mm | 14.5 mm-14.9 mm | 16.8 mm-17.2 mm | 22.2 mm-22.6 mm