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Smoothwall Innerduct SDR 21

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Size: 1"

North Coast Conduit Smoothwall is manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and is intended for use in underground, aerial, and innerduct applications. Smoothwall offers superior protection and serves as an ideal raceway for future cable expansion.

Smoothwall Innerduct is available in ½", through 4" diameters. Options include:

  • Internal ribs
  • Silicone pre-lube
  • Aerial UV protection
  • Pre installed pulling tapes
  • A large variety of colors and striping
  • Multiple lengths on a reel ½" through 2"

Smoothwall Innerduct is offered in custom lengths on collapsible steel reels or in straight lengths. A full line of couplers and terminal connectors are also available.


North Coast Conduit Innerduct is manufactured according to the following industry standards:

ASTM F 2160
Solid wall High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Conduit based on Controlled Outside Diameter (O.D.).

Electrical Plastic Conduit.

Resin Properties

The resin properties meet or exceed the values listed below for HDPE:

ASTM Test Description Values HDPE
D-1505 Density g/cm³ 0.941-0.955
D-1238 Melt Index, g/10 min Condition E 0.05 - 0.50
D-638 Tensile strength at yield (psi) 3000 psi min.
D-1693 Environmental Stress Crack Resistance Condition B,. F10> 96 hr.
D-790 Flexural Modulus, MPa (PSI) 80,000 min.
D-746 Brittleness Temperature




SDR 21

Size SDR Min Wall (in.) AVG OD (in.) OD Smooth/ID Smooth (lb/ft.) OD Smooth/ID Ribbed (lb/ft.)
1" 21 0.063 1.315 0.107 0.113
2" 21 0.113 2.375 0.358 0.376
4" 21 0.214 4.500 1.255 1.318