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AT-3CE12YT-048 - 48 Strand Loose-Tube Outdoor, Non-Armored, Singlemode

by OFS
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Fortex™ DT Single Jacket Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable

Features and Benefits

  • Totally gel-free fiber optic cable design for cleaner, faster installations
  • Highly durable and reliable for duct and lashed aerial installations (including duct-to-lashed aerial) as well as general OSP installations
  • Smaller, more flexible buffer tubes for easier installation and routing
  • Optical fiber counts to 288
  • Available with OFS applicationspecific fibers including AllWave® Zero Water Peak (ZWP) and AllWave+ Single-Mode, TrueWave® RS LWP Single-Mode, and Multimode optical fibers

Product Description

OFS’ Fortex™ DT Single Jacket Loose Tube Cable delivers the durability and reliability essential for outside plant (OSP) use in an innovative, completely gel-free cable design.

To construct this all-dielectric cable, the optical fibers are placed in space-efficient, 2.5 mm buffer tubes that contain a specially-engineered, super-absorbent yarn that delivers water blocking “on demand.” The color-coded buffer tubes are then stranded around a dielectric central member using the reverse oscillating lay (ROL) stranding technique for easy, mid-span fiber access.

Additional gel-free, super-absorbent material is applied to the cable core to offer exceptional water-blocking performance and faster cable preparation. Dielectric strength elements, a ripcord, and a durable polyethylene jacket complete the cable construction.